Cover art for Hear Them Roar

Edited by C.J. Henderson and Patrick Thomas, Spyre Books, 2006

I met C.J. Henderson, the horror and fantasy author, at a convention several years ago and showed him this painting. I'd painted the wereleopards to show my players in a D&D adventure what their adversaries looked like. C.J. said he liked the painting so much it should be on a book cover. I laughed and replied that if he could manage that, I'd give him the painting.

C.J. then wrote the short story, "The Sum of Existence," which illustrates the illustration, and spearheaded the project that led to the publication of Hear Them Roar. A year and a half later, I had my first bookcover, and C.J. has both my eternal gratitude and a new painting on his wall.






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